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This web site is presented as an HGH product resource and clearinghouse posted on behalf of the "Anti-Aging Research" mail list and discussion group. Products are presented in alphabetical order and accompanying text is edited only for brevity. No testimonials are included, but studies and test results accompanied by source information will be presented or linked, when available.

Our goal is to present an objective and unbiased overview of the most viable HGH products on the market. Clinical studies and test results will receive priority consideration!

Products Listed:

*** This month our visitors chose SYTROPIN as the top choice for homeopathic HGH ***

Product Name: Sol-1 Biotropin
Distributor: AntiAging Research Laboratories

[Sol-1 Biotropin]Experience the youth-preserving benefits of Growth Hormone. This is the leader in the Oral Growth Hormone market. If you're looking for the best product at the most economical price, you've found it. A powerful 600 ng/ml strength!

The benefits of increased growth hormone are well documented and include: younger, more supple skin, hair & nails, reduced body fat & enhanced muscle tone, increased energy level, sex drive & mental acuity, and many more.

Age-related decreases in levels of Growth Hormone leave your body vulnerable to disease. Get control with SOL-1 BIOTROPIN

Ingredients: This exciting new product contains Biotropin, a powerful anti-aging and life-enhancing dietary supplement.

Studies/Test Results: According to recent outcome-based clinical studies, 75% of subjects experienced a 41% average increase in IGF-1 levels (a stable indicator of growth hormone levels) while supplementing with Biotropin.

Price: Two Month Supply - $59.95
Reference: Sol-1 Biotropin

Product Name: Somastatin
Distributor: AAR Laboratories, Inc.

This unique transmucosal GH formulation is sprayed into the mouth and absorbed through the mucous membranes of the inner cheek. SOMASTATIN addresses virtually every aspect of GH therapy. In stark contrast, the synthetic injectables, other oral sprays, and homeopathics address only one. SOMASTATIN (with M.A.P.S.  delivery Technology) is engineered with specific secretogogues (substances that increase hormonal secretion from endocrine glands) which are in the form of Somatotropin Releasing Peptides (SRP's)/Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP's), free form amino acids, IGF1 Peptides, and herbal extracts that target the hypothalamic-pituitary axis (the hormonal system that regulates GH production).

[Somastatin]SOMASTATIN effectively initiates a SEVENTY-TWO hour pulsatile release of GH from the anterior pituitary (small bursts). The transport mechanisms in this product are also very important because the various peptide fractions are quite fragile and must be completely protected, quickly and efficiently absorbed, and then transported to the target cells where they will enzymatically lock into receptor sites and activate GH production.

The mechanism of action here is simple but important and is a problem area with synthetic injectables. When the body perceives a rise in either IGF-I (insulin growth factor) or GH, it responds by releasing somatostatin which in turn shuts down the natural production of GH until the levels drop back down in the system.

Essentially, with synthetic injectable GH, you are giving your body GHRH mimetic peptides, which only work on the pituitary (the reservoir for GH), neglecting the hypothalamus, where Natural GH production begins. With SOMASTATIN, you are giving your body a natural, small concentrated, bioactivated, colloidal formulation that strongly increases your natural production of GH by stimulating the hypothalamus with GHRP'S.

You are also blocking somatostatin so that your GH levels can keep rising. Other important growth hormone potentiators in SOMASTATIN are IGF-I peptides, specifically sequenced amino acids, and natural L-dopa from standardized Mucuna extract.

Ingredients: SOMASTATIN comes in a two-part formula, one containing secretogogues, GH and IGF-I peptides, and the second, an anti-somatostatin called RETROSTATIN (a powerful suppressor of an antagonistic hormone called somatostatin responsible for what is called the negative feedback loop for GH).

Studies/Test Results: In a soon to be published 10-week human study conducted by the Life Center for Health, a third party medical facility, on male and female test subjects ranging in age from 42 to 86 years of age, levels of IGF-1, Testosterone, DHEA, HDL and Lean Muscle Mass were significantly increased, while levels of LDL, body fat, Triglicerides and Cholesterol were significantly decreased. In addition, hair color was restored in several test subjects along with new hair growth. Anaerobic threshold and grip strength also increased significantly. Also noted in the study were weight loss and increased sexual stamina in test subjects as mature as 86 years of age. Liver regeneration was evidenced by the significant and almost complete fading of "age spots" on the hands of several test subjects, and cardiovascular health was improved in one test subject with Atrial Arrhythmia. These results are all markers of regeneration and a return to a more youthful state of health.

Price: $125 - 30 to 45 day supply
Reference: Somastatin

Product Name: Somatagon 4
Distributor: Pharmaceutical Corporation of America

[Somatagon 4] No Prescription is Required!

A major breakthrough in HgH therapy...

HgH releasing agents, often called precursors or secretagogues, stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone. Somatagon 4 represents this technology. It not only stimulates the pituitary, but combats somatistatin, which the pituitary produces, which inhibits HgH from being properly distributed in the body. Somatagon 4 is a combination of 4 proven amino acid nutrients that stimulate the pituitary gland, plus pepsin that causes a greater amplitude & frequency of HgH release.


Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $24.50
Reference: Somatagon 4

Product Name: SomatoMed
Distributor: VesPro Life Science

[SomatoMed]SomatoMedTM - Nutritional Support For The Endocrine/Growth Hormone System

Long ago VesPro Life Sciences understood that the megatrend of Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine was colliding with the baby boomer obsession with looking and feeling younger. We have harnessed the energy from that collision. The company pioneered the marketing of growth hormone releasers (secretagogues) to meet the needs of the anti-aging marketplace in the summer of 1997. In the last one and a half years VesPro has worked with more than one thousand physicians around the world who use an oral growth hormone releaser for their patients. The data we collected and the feedback we obtained from many of those physicians has provided VesPro with valuable knowledge regarding the effects of oral secretagogues.

Realizing that there were few legitimate GH releasing products available, our physicians commissioned us to find the most efficacious and up-to-date product technology for their patients. Accordingly, our research pointed to the need for more contemporary amino acids and compounds, which would produce an even greater physiologic response of growth hormone surge. VesPro discovered that there were indeed additional natural compounds, which would take secretagogues to the next level for the health care professional.

Ingredients: Synergistic Adaptagen Support (SAS) Herbal blend:

Little was known about this powerful, natural adaptagenic compound until 1993 when secret, Russian research was released to the western world. This research documented the ability of Mumie to facilitate complete long-term overnight recovery from physical and mental stress. Mumie has outstanding anti-inflammatory and healing effects. It is very beneficial for reducing joint soreness in the knees, shoulders and elbows.

Liver Support:
In order to maximize the effects of SomatoMedTM it is important that the liver functions at optimum levels. SomatoMedTM leaves nothing to chance. That is why this product contains herbs known for centuries to have significant positive benefits for liver health and function.

Studies/Test Results: Not Available.

Price: 30 Day Supply - $99.95
Reference: SomatoMed

Product Name: Somatrop Sub-GH
Distributor: Icon Research Labs

[Somatropin]SOMATROP SUB-GH contains natural biologically active GROWTH HORMONE.

SOMATROP SUB-GH is GROWTH HORMONE transported by a glycerol and herbal base with a negatively charged ion, allowing it to be absorbed directly into the cells of the oral mucosa.

SOMATROP SUB-GH has been shown to raise IGF1 levels as much as 800%.

Ingredients: Not Available

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $99.95
Reference: Somatrop Sub-GH

Product Name: Sunrise
Distributor: Life Force International

[Sunrise]Sunrise's high potency profile is superior to homeopathic formulations - No study has shown any substantial changes in IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) from a homeopathic or low dose oral HGH formulation. Small changes in IGF-1 not exceeding 30%, have been suggested and no study exceeding eight weeks has shown results. HGH therapy is a lifelong protocol, not just a few weeks.

Sunrise's Growth Hormone releasers (which release your body's natural hormones) are preferred to using exogenous hormone products (adding hormones not originally from your body). Introducing external hormones into your body may cause an immune reaction and side effects are possible, Including edema, carpal tunnel syndrome and enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia), and should only be implemented under the care of a physician. Because Sunrise is a food, not a drug, there are no side effects with this natural product.

Sunrise's liquid formulation is superior to pills and capsules - The reason that HGH has traditionally been an injectable preparation is that it is destroyed by stomach acids. Unlike pill and capsule formulations, Sunrise's liquid is absorbed into the body before it reaches the stomach.

Sunrise adds a scientifically researched combination of other ingredients that work synergistically with HGH, whereas other products are HGH stand-alones. Although it is one-half the price of most other HGH products, Sunrise gives you the added value of helping you with:

Mental Clarity: Yerba Mate and Gingko Biloba.
Physical Energy: Ginger Root, Gotu Kola, Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus, Condonopsis and Green Tea Extract.
Supportive Nutrients: Morinda Citrifolia (Noni Extract), Wild Yam and Cinnamon.

Ingredients: Listed Here

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply $42.00
Reference: Sunrise

Product Name: Symbiotropin
Distributor: Extreme Sports Nutrition

[Symbiotropin]100% Natural, Oral, Affordable hGH Releasing Complex that is 3 to 4 more effective than INJECTABLE GH, and there are no side effects!

The Effects that will be Experienced on Growth Hormone

1. Excellent weight loss without dieting or exercising.
2. 8.8% average increase in muscle mass after 6 months, with no change in exercise
pattern. More anabolic when stacked with hormone booster.
3. Higher energy levels, and increased exercise performance.
4. Enhanced sexual performance for men and women.
5. Regrowth of heart, spleen, liver, kidneys, and other organs that shrink with age.
6. Greater cardiac output, superior immune function, better kidney function.
7. Lowered blood pressure, improved, cholesterol profile, higher HDL and lower LDL.
8. Younger thicker skin, wrinkle removal, tightening of skin, reduction of cellulite.
9. Hair regrowth.
10. Sharper vision.
11. Mood elevation.
12. Increased memory retention.
13. Improved sleep.

Ingredients: Not Available

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 40 Tablets - $89.95
Reference: Symbiotropin

Product Name: Ultimate HGH
Distributor: MD Healthline

[Ultimate]The effects of amino acids, especially Glutamine, and Colostrum on overall mental and physical health are unmatched. These two substances stimulate the release of HGH in the body and can dramatically improve overall health and well-being as well as our quality of life. The question is simply, where can we get these nutrients at the levels which stimulate the release of HGH?

Ultimate HGH is your answer. It contains the nutrients needed to support the natural release of HGH, your key to adding years of vitality on to your life. The combination of Glutamine Peptides and Colostrum give Ultimate HGH a remarkable edge in revitalizing the body. In conjunction with these two substances, Ultimate HGH contains other all natural ingredients to give your body the energy and improvement you desire most.

Ingredients: Glutamine, Colostrum, Phosphatidyl Serine (PS), Phosphatidyl Choline (PC), Chrysin, Tribulus Terrestris, and Naringinine

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $59.95
Reference: Ultimate HGH

Product Name: Ultra HGH
Distributor: New Sun Inc.

[Ultra HGH]New Sun Inc. presents a superior and affordable product, ULTRA HGH, Human Growth Hormone Booster. ULTRA HGH effectively restores human growth hormone production with a combination of pure amino acids, Niacin, and an Indian herb called Forskolin. This formula is totally natural with no drugs or dangerous artificial hormones added. Because it is in powder form and tastes sweet, you can eat it dry, or it mixes instantly with water making it easy to take.

How does ULTRA HGH work?

ULTRA HGH is a nutritional secretagogue and precursor formulation. Secretagogues are substances which increase the release of hormones in the body, in this case, the release of growth hormone by the pituitary. Precursors are substances that the body uses to make growth hormones. Many pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop products that provide the body with safe and continuous levels of HGH-releasing secretagogues. You don't need to wait for this to happen, though, because nutritional secretagogues, consisting of amino acids and herbs and other natural substances, have been clinically proven to increase the release of growth hormone with great success. Anti-aging clinics prefer secretagogues over HGH injections, because they are safe and affordable, and the best formulations can be more effective than injections

Ingredients: Pure free-form amino acids l-aminoglutaramic acid and aminoacetic acid with niacin and forskolin extract, shown to cause HGH release.

Studies/Test Results: A recently completed clinical study of ULTRA HGH reveals an average increase of 45.2% of IGF-1(Growth Hormone) after just three weeks! IGF-1 levels decrease at an average rate of 3-5% per year, so this means that IGF-1 levels were increased to what they were 10 to 15 years ago!

Price: $54.95 for a one month supply
Reference: Ultra HGH

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