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This web site is presented as an HGH product resource and clearinghouse posted on behalf of the "Anti-Aging Research" mail list and discussion group. Products are presented in alphabetical order and accompanying text is edited only for brevity. No testimonials are included, but studies and test results accompanied by source information will be presented or linked, when available.

Our goal is to present an objective and unbiased overview of the most viable HGH products on the market. Clinical studies and test results will receive priority consideration!

Products Listed:

*** This month our visitors chose SYTROPIN as the top choice for homeopathic HGH ***

Product Name: Hgh Plus
Distributor: Longevity Resources International (LRI)

Now Hgh Plus, a scientific breakthrough in natural alternative medicine, has finally made HGH enhancements most convenient and easily affordable for you and yours.

For most of the past 15 years, truly effective HGH supplementation has only been available to the rich. Thousands of wealthy and famous people have been benefiting from a prescription injectable form of HGH at a cost of $1000 to $2000 a month! Did you know HGH was one of Senator John Glen's secrets of youth?

We at Longevity Resources International (LRI) have conducted an extensive search to bring to our patients and families a HGH enhancing product with a proven track record of safety, purity, effectiveness and economy. We are therefore exceedingly pleased now to make available to you and yours Hgh Plus. Hgh Plus comes in a convenient pocket sized dropper bottle and at a price that finally anyone can afford. And it comes with a 180 - day money back guarantee!

Ingredients: Hgh Plus is an all natural dual action liquid supplement. Hgh Plus' dual actions are 1), to revitalize your pituitary gland which makes HGH, and 2), to stimulate your pituitary to release HGH. Hgh Plus is a unique patented blend of herbs, amino acids, aloe vera and other special ingredients. Hgh Plus is specially formulated so the ingredients work together and are easily absorbed by your cells.

Studies/Test Results: Hgh Plus

Price: 30 Day Supply - $59.95
Reference: LRI

Product Name: HGH Releasing Complex
Distributor: 21st Century Nutriceuticals

[HGH Releasing Complex] The HGH Releasing Complexª contains a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and herbs, synergistically designed to increase the release of Human Growth Hormone within the body. Best of all, it tastes GREAT.

How it works:
Nutrients and herbs are even more effective when they are delivered directly to the blood by means of intra-oral absorption because they bypass the gastrointestinal tract and its many limitations. 21st Century Nutriceuticals' HGH Releasing Complexª uses this principle, called mucosal absorption, to enhance and ensure Complete absorption of nutrients into the body,

Here's The Science:
Blood capillaries are extremely close to the surface in the mouth, so they can readily absorb these nutrients and extracts into the bloodstream. HGH Releasing Complexª travels from the mouth capillaries to the carotid artery in your neck, then up to your brain and then on to the heart, all within 30 seconds. From there, the nutrients are circulated to all the major organs within 2 to 3 minutes (compared to 30 to 40 minutes for a pill or capsule, or even a liquid).

Ingredients: Vicia Faba Major, Anterior Pituitary Peptide Isolate, Glycine, Lysine, Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), DHEA, and Zinc.

Studies/Test Results: None Available.

Price: 30 Day Supply - $40.00
Reference: HGH Releasing Complex

Product Name: HGH Sleep-A-Weigh

[Sleep-A-Weigh] Sleep-A-weigh is a complete and balanced anti-aging formula with wonderful benefits for anyone who has excess weight and would like to turn back the clock on the body's aging process.

Our product is based on years of research by leading medical doctors and scientists in the field of anti-aging. Thousands of hours of study have been done in this field and led researchers to conclude that the aging process can be treated like any other disease and its effects slowed down and even reversed.

SLEEP-A-WEIGH was specifically formulated based on the latest scientific studies as outlined in the new best selling book by Dr. Ronald Klatz, "Grow Young With HGH." In his book Dr Klatz carefully documents how GH (Growth Hormone)- a naturally ccurring substance secreted by the pituitary gland, is the key to fighting the battle against aging, obesity and numerous other health challenges.

The real key to the effectiveness of SLEEP-A-Weigh is its GHR (Growth Hormone Releasers), a potent blend of amino acids and complementary nutrients that enable the natural releases of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

SLEEP-A-WEIGH's growth hormone formula supplies your body with the nutritional resources it needs to renew more youthful levels of HGH. Certain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, when properly combined, have been shown to enable the body to produce more optimal GH levels without concern for excessive or imbalanced effects. Improved weigh management, energy, overall health, and a host of additional benefits are derived from SLEEP-A-WEIGH's balance nutritional approach to enhancing your body's reserves of HGH.

Ingredients: SLEEP-A-WEIGH's unique formula of stacked amino acids (the building blocks of protein and nutrients).

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $19.95
Reference: HGH Sleep-A-Weigh

Product Name: Internity HGH Support Formula
Distributor: Millennium Direct Marketing, Inc.

[Internity]Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced by the pituitary gland inside the brain before being converted to insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) hormone by the liver. IGF-1 affects almost every cell in the body helping to restore skin, bones, lungs, liver, heart and kidneys to their optimal condition. The amino acids contained in our support formula have been demonstrated to naturally produce a large burst of HGH following oral administration (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 61:1058 1061). The addition of lysine and arginine helps reduce somatostatin, the braking mechanism that limits HGH production. Internity HGH Support Formula restores these bursts just as they were present in young adults.

Ingredients: INTERNITY HGH is a growth hormone booster that is very potent, substantial doses of amino acids known for years to stimulate the pituitary gland top release HGH. The dosage exceed the amount used in published studies, are totally absorbed immediately in the intestine, are reasonable in price, have a long shelf life, and are proven clinically to increase IGF-1 levels an average of more than 60% over months of usage. Please be an educated and prudent consumer on HGH boosters.

Studies/Test Results: During a 180 day duration, in a study with 13 subjects (six female, seven males) an amount of 15 grams was administered per day. The average age of the subjects was 51.8 years old. The average change was +118% in 180 days.

Price: $127.00
Reference: Internity HGH Support Formula

Product Name: Longevity4
Distributor: Pharmaceutical Corporation of America

[Longevity4] Longevity4 HGH human growth hormone therapy acts by stimulating our Pituitary gland to produce more (HGH)human growth hormone, much as it did in our youth. Thus slowing, and in many cases, reversing the aging process!


Longevity4 HGH is a dietary supplement, that DOES NOT require a prescription. It is a natural therapy that stimulates the Pituitary gland to produce HGH. (Human Growth Hormone) This therapy is FDA approved as a natural human hormone therapy.

Thousands of doctors world wide are prescribing HGH in injectable format, to treat patients who are successfully stoping and turning back Mother Nature's aging clock! Injectable HGH is a synthetic form of Human Growth Hormone. The only problem with Prescription HGH therapy via injectable format is the expense. Prescription HGH therapy costs about $1,000 A MONTH! Now through research and testing, Longevity4 HGH Hormone therapy can be administered by taking "TABLETS"! These all natural tablets, stimulate the Pituitary gland to produce HGH at a fraction of the cost of prescription HGH.

Ingredients: (100% Free-Form Pharmaceutical Grade) - L-Glutamine, Glycine, L-Arginine Hydrochloride, L-Ornithine Hydrochloride, Pepsin

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $39.95
Reference: Longevity4

Product Name: Nu-SPRING
Distributor: Nu-Med

[Nu-SPRING]After more than a decade of research, Dr. James C. Jamieson, a world renowned pharmacologist, has created an orally ingested formula with special patented ingredients based on a special " Chaperone Molecule Delivery System," that naturally helps your body to unlock its own source of HGH. This Chaperone Molecule, carries the Nu-SPRINGÉ like a bubble through the dangerous acids of the stomach Ð into the small intestine where it can be absorbed properly.

At Nu-MED, we're helping turn back the biological clock! For thousands of Nu-MED customers, Nu-SPRING has halted, and even reversed, the signs of aging.

Ingredients: Anterior pituitary peptides, Aminotrop-7, Novel Polyose Complex, targeted amino acids L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Pyroglutamate, GABA, L-Glycine, L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, and Vicia Faba Major. These are combined with a proprietary chaperone molecule in an effervescent delivery system.

Studies/Test Results: Clinical Studies

Price: 30 Day Supply/40 Tablets - $119.95
Reference: Nu-SPRING

Product Name: Pharmacy In Blendª Homeopathic HGH
Distributor: Pro-Net Marketing I, Ltd.

[Pro-Net] Are you slightly confused about which HGH product to purchase, or not sure what to believe?

Today, there are 48 HGH products being sold on the Internet. Most all "HGH" products fall into two classes: 1) amino acid stacks, or 2) HGH or Somatotropin based products. Both classes of products have one thing in common, they are all pituitary gland stimulators. Call them anything you want, precursors, stimulators, or seretagogues; none of the products force into your body any usable HGH, only injected HGH can to that.

Eight of the "HGH" products actually have HGH/Somatotropin (technical name for recombinant, DNA generated human growth hormone) in them. The balance are amino acid stacks. Since the manufacturers of amino acid stacks know you are looking for an "HGH" product, they generally are labeled under a brand name with the initials "HGH" incorporated. The concept is to allow you to think their product contains human growth hormone or HGH.

The long term, age defying benefits, only come from increased HGH levels, not marketing hype or clever product names. The most common marketing strategy is to reference all the proven benefits of injected HGH and allow you to believe their product is the same thing, packaged in a convenient spray bottle, which it is not. All of the product descriptions are very convincing, with strong arguments that suggest they have found the "fountain of youth".

Pharmacy In Blend, retailed by Pro-Net Marketing, has the best Independent test results of all the products and retails for $44.95/month. The price is reasonable and the test results are independent. That is why we sell this product, and, hopefully, it is the same reason you might consider buying it. If we find a better product in the future, you will see it on our site. Do what we do, focus only on independent test results; nothing else matters.

Active Ingredients: Human Growth Hormone 30X (rDNA), Anterior Pituitary Extract 30X.
Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water UPS, Ethanol 47.5% (v/v).

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: $44.95
Reference: Pharmacy In Blendª HGH Plus IGF-1

Product Name: Pro-hGH
Distributor: VesPro

[Pro-hGH] PRO-hGH is an all-natural Plant Source of Amino Acids in a special combination including a chaperon molecule which STIMULATES the body to produce IGF-1. It has no known side effects and no known contra-indications. The Lacuna Bean is the source of its activity. It is important to maintain a diet that is high in protein (may be animal or vegetable protein), moderate fat intake and moderate carbohydrate intake. We recommend you eliminate all refined sugar, Nutri-sweet, Equal, Aspartame and MSG products. We recommend resistance exercise three times a week. PRO-hGH is effective even if you do not follow these diet and exercise recommendations; but will be more effective if you do.

PRO-hGH is best taken at bedtime on an empty stomach. The evening meal should be at least four hours before consumption. PRO hGH may be taken in the morning upon arising - wait 45 minutes to eat and then preferably a high protein breakfast, fruits OR fast for 2-3 hours. If you drink coffee - wait 45 minutes before consumption and preferably black.

Ingredients: Each 2 tablets contain- Anterior Pituitary Peptides, Aminotrope-7 3900 mg (a sequenced glycoamino acid complex), Novel Polyose Complex 2230 mg (pharmaceutical mono, poly, and oligo saccahrides), all in a base of L Glutamine, L Arginine, L Pyroglutamate, GABA, L Glycine, L Lysine, L Tyrosine, and naturally occurring L Dopa (Veich).

Studies/Test Results: Clinical Studies

Price: $135.00 - 1 month supply
Reference: Pro-hGH

Product Name: PRO-Symbio PLUS
Distributor: The Art of Better Living

[ProSymbio] Following the success of Secretagogue-HGHª, The Art of Better Living has produced the first ever capsulated, all natural growth hormone releasing complex.

Research and development with athletes has led to the development of an optimal amino acid combination for maximal release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Furthermore, the use of free form, crystalline amino acids ensures rapid suspension and absorption in the digestive tract. The pharmaceutical grade products contain no milk proteins and are distinctly hypoallergenic.

Rebalancing the amino acid combination exploits the natural synergism of amino acid uptake by multiple pathways. This avoids the need for large doses of amino acids, which can swamp and exhaust enzymes, shutting down cellular transport mechanisms. The novel anterior pituitary peptides remain, providing the formula with its ability to rapidly stimulate pituitary response.

Natural L-dopa remains in the formula, but its bio-availability is improved by switching to the herb Macuna pruriens as a tested natural source. Nutrient uptake has also been improved by the addition of Bromalaine and Papaine, designed to improve digestion, while Kelp aids in the cellular pump mechanisms involved in assimilation.

Refining the original formula has enabled us to avoid the need for costly effervescent tablets, allowing a flexible dosing regime of three capsules taken twice a day, 2 hours after food or on an empty stomach. PRO-Symbio PLUSª is taken seven days a week with a 4-week rest every three months. This regime not only mimics natural body rhythms but also avoids the potential depletion of vitamins and minerals leading to enzyme exhaustion and loss of effectiveness.

Ingredients: Not Available

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: $79.00 - one month supply
Reference: PRO-Symbio PLUS

Product Name: ReCapture HGH
Distributor: Defy-Aging.com International, Inc.

[ReCapture]Our liquid, homeopathic HGH is the completely natural, safe, efficient way to supplement your body with this essential hormone. Easily assimilated by the body, Recaptureª HGH works to combat and control the many signs of aging associated with growth hormone deficiency:

All TMII Recaptureª products utilize a unique, homeopathic formula, with a proprietary delivery system which allows them to be absorbed quickly and thoroughly through the soft tissues in the mouth. This exclusive system means Recaptureª HGH is assimilated into the cells of the body in the most effective and safest way possible.

Active Ingredients: Human Growth Hormone 30X, IGF-1 30X, Pituitarum 30X, Hepar 3X, Acidum Phosphoricum 3X

Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water USB, Alcohol (v/v)

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: $159.00 per 2 months
Reference: Recapture HGH

Product Name: RECOM Sub-GH
Distributor: HGH4Life

[Recom]The world's finest oral growth hormoneª (GH), RECOM Sub-GHª is a high-tech nutraceutical product combining the best of science and natural, homeopathic medicine in a proprietary formula.

RECOM Sub-GHª contains naturally derived recombinant growth hormone in a special proprietary formula, which allows it to be absorbed directly into the cells of the oral mucosa, avoiding inactivation in the digestive process.

The best time to take RECOM Sub-GHª is before meals, before bedtime and before workouts. The normal recommended dosage is one spray, three times a day. Allow one to two minutes for oral absorption to occur. Do not drink liquids immediately before or after taking RECOM Sub-GHª

RECOM Sub-GHª promises to revolutionize the use of growth hormone. It requires no refrigeration, it is easy to use and it can be taken anywhere -- at home, at work, and at play.

  • RECOM Sub-GHª contains Patented Recombinant HGH
  • RECOM Sub-GHª contains natural biologically active GH
  • RECOM Sub-GHª in a special proprietary formula, allowing it to be absorbed directly into the cells of the oral mucosa. RECOM Sub-GHª has been shown to truly raise IGF1 levels
  • Does not need to pass through the stomach to be absorbed where amino acids are broken down by the bile.
  • RECOM Sub-GHª is a powerful 3X homeopathic formulation!
  • 100% Hand Succussed 100 times at all levels!
  • Prepared according to the strict guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States
  • RECOM Sub-GHª also comes in a FULL 30 ml bottle!
  • Natural ingredients - No animal products

Ingredients: Not Available

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: $59.95 - 45 Days
Reference: RECOM Sub-HGH

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