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This web site is presented as an HGH product resource and clearinghouse posted on behalf of the "Anti-Aging Research" mail list and discussion group. Products are presented in alphabetical order and accompanying text is edited only for brevity. No testimonials are included, but studies and test results accompanied by source information will be presented or linked, when available.

Our goal is to present an objective and unbiased overview of the most viable HGH products on the market. Clinical studies and test results will receive priority consideration!

Products Listed:

*** This month our visitors chose SYTROPIN as the top choice for homeopathic HGH **

Product Name: Advanced Naturals HGH/Rejuvalife
Manufacturer: Advanced Labs Int'l Trust

[Advanced] 100% Natural Homeopathic Growth Hormone that helps assist the pituitary gland to release more of your bodies own Hormone for ultimate youth and vitality.Testimonials have reported "I feel like I'm 21 years old again, and I don't have the aches and pains like I did before I started using HGH.69 year old J.Pate Ca.

Ingredients: Not Available

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $99.95
Reference: Advanced Naturals HGH/Rejuvalife

Product Name: Ageless HGH Oral Spray
Distributor: Phase4 Pharmaceuticals, LLC

[Ageless HGH] Q. How Effective Is AgeLess "Clinical" Growth Hormone Oral Spray?

A. AgeLess "Clinical" is as effective as costly injections of Growth Hormone! That is a big statement, but we stand by it. AgeLess "Clinical" Oral Spray is the strongest formulation ever produced in a format that can effectively be absorbed orally. The dosage of Actual Growth Hormone, (100ng per spray) has, up until now, only been available at Anti Aging Clinics and Anti Aging Physicians.

Q. How Does The Growth Hormone In The AgeLess Oral Sprays Get Into Your System?

A. Our Oral Spray is administered into the mouth. The formula is absorbed by the soft tissues in your mouth (oral mucosa) and goes directly to the blood stream, where it is dispersed to the rest of the body.

Q. Why Do We Say That AgeLess Is Better Than Other Growth Hormone Oral Sprays?

A. The Growth Hormone molecule is huge, as molecules go. It consists of a chain of 191 amino acids. Until now it has been very difficult to develop an oral spray that would effectively transport this large growth hormone molecule through the soft tissues of the mouth into the bloodstream. This is the primary weakness of the other oral spray products. Many of them contain growth hormone, but they do not have an effective way to get it into your system. The special Polymer Matrix formulation used in AgeLess "Clinical" and "Prescriptive" delivers the Growth Hormone molecules through the soft tissue of the mouth quickly and effectively, so that it enters your bloodstream without any loss of strength or other degradation.

Q. Does AgeLess Contain Real Growth Hormone, And Is It Safe To Take?

A. Phase4 Pharmaceuticals manufactures our oral sprays with all natural Growth Hormone. There are no animal or human products used in the manufacturing process. We use only Growth Hormone and other special minerals. Our oral sprays fall under the definition of "Dietary Supplements" and meet all FDA requirements. They are extremely safe when taken as directed.

Ingredients: Phase4 Pharmaceuticals manufactures our oral sprays with all natural Growth Hormone. There are no animal or human products used in the manufacturing process. We use only Growth Hormone and other special minerals. Our oral sprays fall under the definition of "Dietary Supplements" and meet all FDA requirements. They are extremely safe when taken as directed.

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $39.95
Reference: Ageless HGH Oral Spray

Product Name: Ageless System4
Distributor: Phase4 Pharmaceuticals, LLC

[Ageless System4]Q. What Is The Difference Between AgeLess System4 And AgeLess Oral Sprays?

A. AgeLess System4 is an Amino Acid HGH Precursor. That is to say that the AgeLess System4 capsules and the AgeLess Optimizer capsule is swallowed and processed by your digestive system. Then the specially designed nutrients in the formula are taken to your brain, via your bloodstream. These nutrients signal your brain to, in turn, signal your Pituitary Gland to produce and secrete Human Growth Hormone into your bloodstream. The HGH is then processed by your liver into several Growth Factors, the main one being IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1) AgeLess Oral Sprays consist of actual laboratory engineered, genetically manufactured Growth Hormone. This growth hormone is surrounded by a proprietary Polymer Matrix formula that facilitates rapid absorption of the growth hormone, through the soft tissue of your month, directly into your bloodstream. Thereby bypassing your digestive system entirely. The growth hormone is quickly processed by your liver, and the resulting byproducts, or growth factors, travel to your Pituitary Gland and stimulate the production and secretion of you own Human Growth Hormone. Q. What Is The AgeLess Optimizer?

A. Current research indicates that all amino acid HGH precursors seem to work far more effectively when 500mg of Lysyne are taken at bedtime. The AgeLess Optimizer consists of 500mg of Pharmaceutical Grade Lysine. It is the second step in AgeLess System4.

Q. Why Are The Herbs Fo-Ti And Damiana In The AgeLess System4 Formula?

A. Current research in laboratories around the world is revealing new and startling discoveries (or should we say re-discovering) about the healing and therapeutic effects of herbs and plants. Every day we read new stories about clinical research that has validated hundreds, perhaps thousand year old herbal remedies. Fo-ti and Damiana are two such herbs. Our research indicates that in addition to contributing their unique anti aging qualities, (See our AgeLess System4 Formula page) they also have an extraordinary synergistic interaction with the amino acids in the formula.

Ingredients: Discussed Above

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $29.95
Reference: Ageless System4

Product Name: Agewell HGH
Distributor: LifeSpring International

[Agewell HGH] Introducing Homeopathic HGH and IGF-1...

Our Homeopathic formulations of HGH and IGF-1 are a revolutionary class of homeopathic medicines that combine today's advanced molecular biotechnology, basic homeopathic principles and bioelectric medicine to help people achieve a greater sense of physical and mental balance. BioSignal Formulations were developed and patented by Dr. Barbara Brewitt. Dr. Brewitt developed these natural medicines for the purpose of maximizing people's health and performance without toxic side effects and at affordable prices.

BioSignal Formulations work by stimulating the body's own defense and healing mechanisms, bringing the body back to its optimum performance level. These formulations contain recombinant human growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 in homeopathic preparations. Recent independent clinical studies have shown that the Homeopathic Growth Hormone formula increases lean body mass, improves physical appearance, energy, endurance and boosts immune system functions.

Ingredients: Not Available

Studies/Test Results: Check out THESE links and "clinical trials"!

Price: 30 Day Supply - $59.97
Reference: Agewell HGH

Product Name: AM/PM RegenHGH
Distributor: VAXA

[AM/PM ReGen] Scientifically Advanced Physiological Nutraceutical Dietary Supplement formulas naturally complement the body's ability to aid in the healing and regeneration of body connective tissue, muscles, ligaments and bones, naturally promoting the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the Pituitary Gland in the Brain while micro-nutritionally advancing the health of tissues, muscles and bones.

Specific micro-nutritionals in AM/PM Regen HgH are useful in providing extra nutritional support when under a physician's care specifically for fractures and dislocations where promotion of the formation of the callus is desired, injuries of the periosteum and fibrous tissues, ascending neuritis after a fracture, as well as hemorrhages and vasomotor paralysis, promoting the healing of incised, lacerated or contused wounds while preventing suppuration (puss formation) and injury to nerves and neuritis. The selected ingredients within AM/PM Regen HgH are also useful in supporting the body systemically to metabolically reabsorb fibrotic conditions, scar tissue and keloid growth, ulcers of the skin, nutritionally providing needed support when attempting to resolve spinal irritation after injuries to spine, chronic sprains of single/group muscles, torn ligaments and tendons, synovitis, mechanical injury of carpal and tarsal joints, teeth extractions, as well as laceration or incised wounds of the cornea.

Ingredients: Besides being rich in the Free Form Amino Acids L-Arginine and L-Ornithine, these formulas have the Sapogenins Complex of SAP-A, SAP-B and SAP-C which are known Growth Hormone stimulators derived from plant and herbal sources. Sapogenins-A is noted to stimulate Human Testosterone, Sapogenins-B is an Herbal growth factor, and Sapogenins-C is a natural anabolic compound. In addition, each formula contains Colostrum, a critical peptide and protein-rich complex which contains a bevy of essential immune and growth hormone progenitors, and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), the mother hormone from which most other hormones can be converted upon demand by the body, including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and corticosterone.

Studies/Test Results: None Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $39.95
Reference: >AM/PM RegenHGH

Product Name: Awaken HGH
Distributor: Millennium 7

[Awaken HGH] Awaken HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a 100ng potency oral spray product that is produced in a FDA certified laboratory & is the result of a unique biotechnology.

Awaken is specifically designed from the beginning to be orally consumed. Another is Awaken HGH is not a releaser or precursor. A releaser or precursor helps the body to release the supply of human growth hormone it already has which may be close to non-existent or minimal. Awaken HGH bypasses this approach by administering growth hormone directly into the blood supply through a sublingual spray form, thus producing the effects immediately.

This product is a dietary oral spray. Awaken HGH is tested at the beginning of the manufacturing process and again at the end to ensure potency & purity. This dietary supplement is produced as a result of a unique biotechnology. Not only is the HGH molecule - a 191 amino acid chain - identical to the growth hormone manufactured in the human body, but it is also meticulously designed for oral consumption. When this growth hormone is formulated using special principles it becomes extremely dynamic and bio-active in the body. To ensure the maintenance of this and to guarantee maximum absorption, Awaken HGH is completely hand-succussed; machines can cause interference from Electromagnetic fields (EMF's) and upset the balance of the productt. Therefore, the integrity of all Awaken HGH products are fully preserved.

Ingredients: HGH 100 ng, Purified Water, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Sodium Citrate

Studies/Test Results: None Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $44.95
Reference: Awaken HGH

Product Name: BioGerix
Distributor: BioGerix

[Bio-Genix]The direct research of three double blind clinical studies of our patented form homeopathic "rHGH" is scientific proof that our product truly provides the benefits written to herein. We don't borrow the results of other tests and apply those claims to our product. Our "rHGH has actually been clinically studied and tested by independent Ph.D. researchers and specialists in their field, in other words, Peer Reviewed. Where most of the other "so-called anti-aging" products offered have never been actually researched and difficult to prove actual benefits. That is why the FDA recently seized product from more than two U.S. companies for fraudulent claims. Many products out there today are simply precursors or stimulators without any recombinant form of or actual growth hormone at all, yet they call their product hGH. We provide the ONLY clinically tested, patented oral form (non-injectable) of homeopathic recombinant Human Growth Hormone in the world. Due to the fact that it is a homeopathic dilution and self diagnosed, we are able to offer our hGH and without a prescription.

Active- Recombinant human hormone, somatotropin, 6X + 12C.
Inactive- Lactose, magnesium stearate.


Three double-blind, placebo controlled studies on 162 healthy people taking two different formulations of homeopathic hGH were just published in December in the peer reviewed journal called Alternative and Complementary Therapies 1999, Vol. 5(6):373-385. The results were statistically significant and for the first time demonstrated that an oral chewable tablet of hGH at very low, sub-physiological levels could produce physiological and psychological and physical benefits.

We found that people lost weight, lost fat, increased lean mass, increased upper arm size, decreased hips and waist and slept much better with more quality to their sleep. The results also showed improved mental clarity and endurance and more quality of life compared to placebo.

Price: $79.95 - One month supply
Reference: BioGerix

Product Name: BioGevity
Distributor: Neways

[BioGevity] BioGevity is not a precursor (most HGH products on the market are precursors, and their manufacturers mistakenly refer to them as HGH, when in reality they are precursors to somatotropin). BioGevity is not a stimulant, homeopathic, or secretagogue. BioGevity is biologically activated somatotropin encapsulated in a macro-molecular structure designed to facilitate delivery of large molecular weight proteins via oral spray.

In fact, when administered in clinical studies, the macro-molecular structure lowered cholesterol in 9 out of 10 test subjects by an average of 11%, and lowered triglyceride levels by an average of 29 percent in 8 out of 10 cases.

By combining this technology with the active ingredient in BioGevity, NSC has produced a safe, effective somatotropin dietary supplement that achieves maximum results.

Ingredients: Not Available

In outcome based research studies performed on 20 subjects supplementing with BioGevity for up to 26 weeks, 75 percent of subjects (15 people) experienced a 41 percent average increase in IGF-1 levels (insulin-like growth factor-1, a stable indicator of somatotropin levels).

Price: $85 - 30 to 45 day supply
Reference: BioGevity

Product Name: Bodies Best HGH Support
Distributor: Bodies Best, Inc.

[BodiesBest HGH] HGH Support by Bodies Best is very potent, substantial doses of amino acids have been known for years to stimulate the pituitary gland to release HGH. The doses exceed the amount used in published studies, are totally absorbed immediately in the intestine, are reasonable in price, have a long shelf life and are clinically proven to increase IGF-1 levels by an average of 56.8% in four to six weeks.

This proprietary amino acid based formulation has been clinically proven to stimulate the pituitary gland and raise HGH production by an average of 56.8% in only three to six weeks. HGH augmentation is the next big wave in MLM, network marketing and direct marketing. Bodies Best has a proven product in physiological dosages that effectively resets the hormonal production of the body to more youthful levels. HGH should actually be called "Human Repair Hormone" because its concentration in the body determines the rate at which tissue is built and fat is utilized for energy.

Ingredients: Our product is composed of pure amino acids for active ingredients and they work well.

Studies/Test Results: Bodies Best HGH Support

NOTE: Test results are identical to those for Rejuvamin

Price: 30 Day Supply - $55.74
Reference: Bodies Best HGH Support

Product Name: Cell Signal Enhancers
Distributor: Dynamarketing Group

[BioMed]Cell Signal Enhancers, or CSEs, work by stimulating the body's own defense and healing mechanisms, bringing the body back to its optimum performance level.

CSEs are a revolutionary new class of medicines that combine today's advanced molecular biotechnology, basic homeopathic principles and electromagnetic field theory to help people achieve a greater sense of physical and mental balance. Homeopathic growth hormone and homeopathic growth factors are now available as the result of a patented process invented by Dr. Barbara Brewitt, formerly with the prestigious National Institutes of Health. Dr. Brewitt's mission: to develop homeopathic formulations of growth factors including human growth hormone to maximize health and performance without toxic side effects, at affordable prices.

CSEs contain recombinant human growth hormone or other growth factors in homeopathic formulations. Recent independent clinical studies have shown that CSE homeopathic hGH increases lean body mass, improves physical appearance, energy, endurance and boosts immune system functions.

Cell Signal Enhancers are manufactured by recombinant DNA technology and prepared in the classical homeopathic manner in an accredited FDA laboratory according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Ingredients: The active ingredients are recombinant human growth hormone 6C, 100C, 200C.

Studies/Test Results: Dr. David Riley of the Integrative Medicine Institute conducted a traditional homeopathic proving on homeopathic IGF1 using 24 healthy subjects (19 women and 5 men). The findings from this ten week study were written up in a Materia Medica format that reports the guiding symptoms and characteristics for which homeopathic IGF1 could be used for over-the-counter symptom relief and by trained homeopathic physicians treating more chronic illnesses. This double-blind and placebo run-in study was submitted to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States for official recognition of IGF1 as a monographed homeopathic substance. Furthermore, study results showed applications for energy balance, strengthening muscles, PMS/menopause, mental clarity, mental stability, appetite control, pain control and anti-inflammatory reactions.

Price: 30 Day Supply - $49.95
Reference: Cell Signal Enhancers

Product Name: Dream-A-Weigh
Distributor: Momentum Health and Nutrition

[Dream-A-Weigh]Dream-A-Weigh is a complete and balanced anti-aging formula with wonderful benefits for anyone who has excess weight and would like to turn back the clock on the bodys aging process. Our product is based on years of research by leading medical doctors and scientists in the field of anti-aging. Thousands of hours of study have been done in this field and led researchers to conclude that the aging process can be treated like any other disease and its effects slowed down or even reversed!

Dream-A-Weigh was specifically formulated based on the latest scientific studies as outlined in the new best selling book by Dr. Ronald Klatz, Grow Young With HGH. In his book Dr. Klatz carefully documents how GH (Growth Hormone)- a naturally occurring substance secreted by the pituitary gland, is the key to fighting the battle against aging, obesity and numerous other health challenges. Dream-A-Weigh is a dietary supplement system and NOT a drug, it is absorbed and digested. It is a synergistic combination of Amino Acids, Protein Particles, and Natural Plant Sources. It is actually a stimulator of insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), which mirrors the body's secretion of Human Growth Hormone.

Now, for the first time, HGH is available to the general public in liquid form for oral consumption...and at a moderate price of less than $100 per month. Is it worth $2.97 per day to extend your life, and/or that of your loved ones 10 to 20 years while at the same time, greatly enhancing the way you look and feel? When you answer yes to this question you are ready to order "Dream-A-Weigh", the unique body toning formula.

Ingredients: DREAM-A-WEIGH's unique formula of stacked amino acids (the building blocks of protein and nutrients), is becoming the best kept secret for weight lifters and bodybuilders. Growth hormone releasers help melt away fat while building muscle. Stimulation of GH enhances your capacity for intense exercise, while strenuous workouts enhance GH levels. DREAM-A-WEIGH is safe and beneficial to take several times a day for its wide array of body toning benefits.

Studies/Test Results: Not Available

Price: 30 Day Supply - $89.00
Reference: Dream-A-Weigh

Product Name: Eden GH1
Distributor: Nutribolics

[Eden]Eden GH1 is the highest concentration of orally administered GH1 available on the market today. Injections of GH taken in international units or I.U.s are usually prescribed to be taken as a  shot, two times per day. The individual would be taking between 2 and 4 I.U.s per day. Eden GH1 has over 2000ng per dosage and was created to imitate the bodys natural secretion of GH.

GH can be taken orally through the use of Eden GH1. This supplement is a naturally derived, biologically active, growth hormone in the only available polymer matrix of its kind. This matrix facilitates the ability of GH to be absorbed directly into the oral mucosa, thereby eliminating inactivation in the digestive process. This all-natural supplement also contains trace amounts of calcium, metasilicate and sodium in an herbal-mineral liquid base. Eden GH1 also stimulates the body to manufacture growth hormone and its metabolite IGF-1.

Ingredients: Not Available

Studies/Test Results: Clinical Studies

Price: $125 - 1 month
Reference: Eden GH1

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