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Does HGH Work?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is being used as a therapy against physical aging but the question is: does HGH work? To attempt to answer this question is to try to navigate a maze of different circumstances and varied types of growth hormone treatment. To begin, it's important to understand that human growth hormone is a hormone normally produced by the human pituitary gland. In children and adolescents, the hormone regulates growth; in adults it plays a role in regulation of bone density, blood sugar, fat metabolism and storage, strength and endurance, and emotional stability.

Does HGH work when treatment is used to treat a properly diagnosed case of growth hormone deficiency? Yes, in some ways. This is the one situation where hormone replacement can and possibly should be used - the condition can be serious. Most other therapeutic HGH uses are illegal, at least in the US. The hormone is synthetically produced and is administered by regular injections. Like most hormone replacement therapies, it aims at returning the patient to an essentially normal state of health, though there may be lasting consequences of the deficiency.

Does HGH work as an anti-aging therapy? There is actually not good scientific evidence that the injected hormone prolongs life, improves physical health, or supports emotional or cognitive health. In fact, the reverse may be true when large amounts of the hormone are used. Studies of therapeutic HGH in seniors have shown increased leanness, increased strength, higher bone density and younger looking skin. However, with the exception of the skin changes, other therapeutic approaches have been equally successful at building strength and bone, and growth hormone injections are significantly associated with side effects.

Does HGH work when the hormone is ingested or sprayed under the tongue instead of being injected? No. the hormone cannot be absorbed and utilized by the body in this way. Over the counter therapeutic HGH products that claim to contain the actual hormone are not only illegal (HGH can only be legally obtained with a prescription), they are making false health claims.

The alternative health industry has created some novel approaches to the problem of providing therapeutic HGH to consumers who are seeking its purported anti aging effects. These are either products intended to boost the pituitary's production of the hormone naturally, or combinations of amino acids designed to mimic the hormone in the body. Does HGH work when it's delivered like this? Again, scientific evidence is lacking - it's really too soon to say, but the products are, at least, unlikely to do any real harm.

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