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With powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to prevent premature aging, Total Balance can help naturally stimulate your body's HGH levels.

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With homeopathic HGH, six growth factors and eight amino acid releasers,
is one of the most powerful non-prescription human growth hormone products available.

HGH Releasers

HGH releasers are a safe, affordable alternative to expensive human growth hormone injections. While a year's worth of injections might run in the $10,000-$20,000 range, a year of quality HGH releasers might be closer to $400-$500. Since these products are natural they do not carry the side effect risks associated with injectable HGH either. And, of course, there are none of those nasty needles and painful injection sites.

HGH hormone releasers come in a few different variations. Some contain homeopathic HGH and supporting components to get the HGH into your body. Others contain a combination of homeopathic HGH and the building blocks needed to boost your body's natural production of growth hormone. The last category contains supplements that have no HGH in them but have a combination of ingredients to help the body produce more of its own growth hormone.

The purported benefits of extra growth hormone circulating through our bodies are decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, more energy, stronger bones, healthier skin, and faster recovery to name a few. These benefits can be seen with HGH hormone releasers, just as with HGH injections. The added benefits of little to no side effects and low cost make this a good alternative. Whether an athlete looking for a legal boost or a middle-aged person looking to slow down the clock, the HGH releaser may provide this.

The results are usually slower than those seen with human growth hormone injections and may take weeks or months to see. The sprays sometimes have a taste that is difficult to get used to and the pills can be large and hard to swallow.

HGH releasers are natural combinations of amino acids and vitamins that are already in our bodies. One benefit to increasing your body's natural production using an HGH hormone releaser is that your body won't "crash" when the supplementation is stopped. When a hormone is injected, or otherwise introduced into the body the natural production slows down, and in extreme cases stops. This leads to a big drop in that hormone's level in the body if the hormone therapy is stopped without tapering off. With HGH releasers your body is making the hormone and not relying on outside sources. Your body will gradually produce less if the supplement is stopped but only to the pre-supplement level.

HGH hormone releasers can give your body the boost it needs to start increasing its own growth hormone production. The results maybe slower not as dramatic as with injections but the long term effects, lack of side effects, and lower cost make this a good alternative for those seeking the benefits of growth hormone therapy.

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