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With powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to prevent premature aging, Total Balance can help naturally stimulate your body's HGH levels.

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With homeopathic HGH, six growth factors and eight amino acid releasers,
is one of the most powerful non-prescription human growth hormone products available.

Genf20 HGH

Genf20 hgh is one of the human growth hormone (HGH) releasers available from alternative medicine vendors. Building on what science has revealed about the effects of human growth hormone, these products are intended to induce increased levels of hormone production by the human pituitary gland. As one might expect, HGH plays a vital role in regulating growth in children and adolescents, with levels falling significantly after full growth is attained; we now know that the hormone has significant activity in the adult body as well, although the effects are much more subtle.

In adults, human growth hormone (the hormone itself, not HGH releasers) primarily affects metabolism and certain other tissue maintenance processes. It helps regulate fat metabolism, preventing fat storage to some extent; protein metabolism, enabling production of new tissues; and carbohydrate metabolism, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. The hormone also affects bone density and supports emotional stability. Symptoms of deficiency in an adult include fragile bones, emotional instability, muscle and strength loss with increased fat and decreased blood sugar levels. We all recognize many of these health problems as being much more common in seniors than in the rest of the population - it's logical then to draw an association between the normal drop in HGH and the subsequent development of these age related problems. Products like genf20 hgh are the logical result of that association.

But why genf20 hgh: why not growth hormone itself? It turns out that human growth hormone cannot be given by mouth - it has to be injected to reach the tissues it acts upon. It can be produced synthetically, but it's very expensive, and clinical trials have revealed that it causes significant side effects when it is used for anti aging purposes. Hence the rush to produce HGH releasers, products that provide HGH without the pain, the expense, and the side effects. Unfortunately, while the science behind the role of human growth hormone is solid and reliable, products like genf20 hgh are relatively new, and largely untested.

HGH releasers are typically made up mostly of amino acids - the protein building blocks of larger protein molecules like human growth hormone. These smaller molecules are transported into the blood from the intestine (HGH is not because of its larger size) and used to repair and maintain proteins in the body such as muscle, hormones, and other tissues. Some products, like genf20 hgh contain very little else, while some are expanded to a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement as well, aimed at supporting overall health.

Taking a nutritional supplement like gen20 hgh, with its payload of amino acids is unlikely to do anyone any harm. After all, an ordinary egg delivers no less than 18 different amino acids to the body. HGH releasers, of course, have specific amounts of specific amino acids thought to support production of growth hormone by the pituitary. Most of them are proprietary blends so we don't know what the relative proportions are. It's important to understand, however, that it isn't clear whether these blends actually reliably induce production of hormone - the approach may be more successful in conjunction with other dietary changes, in conjunction with exercise, or in different age groups. Hopefully future research will clarify this optimistic but tentative stab at anti aging.

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