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These Products Do NOT Contain HGH - They are Scams, Frauds, Phonies and Fakes
The following report discusses one particular HGH oral spray product called "BioGevity" which is sold through the Neways company. There are probably hundreds of similar HGH oral spray products on the market. None of them work - don't believe the misleading test reports and clinical studies - don't fall for the phony testimonies - and don't believe the promises and guarantees. There IS evidence that real HGH - when administered via injections under a physician's guidance - can help retard the aging process. But these e-mail SPAM generated fly-by-night web site MLM products are absolute scams.
With the introduction of their new and improved "Youth In a Bottle" professional strength BioGevity, Neways has distanced itself even further from the realm of real science. To accomplish what BioGevity claims it does is nothing short of miraculous, on several fronts. We have asked Neways to explain several things about "The Neways Miracle" known as BioGevity:

Miracle #1
Neways claims they purchase real HGH from Eli Lilly.

The FDA shut down Quantum Leap for selling HGH in their oral spray product, destroyed 15,000 bottles, and levied $45,000 in fines.

Human Growth Hormone and anti-aging specialist Dr. Elmer Cranton from the Mount Rogers Clinic in Trout Dale, Virginia states:

"If it contains HGH, then it is FDA regulated by law. If it is not FDA regulated it is because it does not contain HGH."

It's a miracle that the FDA continues to allow Neways to sell a prescription drug and controlled substance in an over-the-counter MLM product.

Miracle #2
HGH made by Eli Lilly is a large molecule drug which must be injected to be effective. There is no known technology for delivering HGH into the body through an oral spray such as BioGevity. It would be a miracle if BioGevity could actually do what it claims.

Miracle #3
Real HGH from Eli Lilly has a shelf life of about two weeks. Jay Caplan, President of Biocentrics told us:

"When injectable HGH is received from the manufacturer, it is refrigerated and in the form of a dry powder. When this is mixed in saline solution by the patient, the life span is only two weeks refrigerated before it loses potency and needs to be discarded. The low dose or homeopathic HGH formulations are in water solution for months before their sale without refrigeration."

The HGH in BioGevity claims to have a useable shelf life of a year or more. It would be a miracle if Neways were able to extend the effective shelf life of the HGH in BioGevity when the original manufacturer of the drug cannot!

Miracle #4
Neways claims that their BioGevity HGH oral spray Somatotropin and Growth Factors are "Superior to GH Injections."

With HGH dosages in BioGevity measured in billionths of a gram - about which Dr. Cranton has said,:

"That small a dose would have no effect, good or bad"

- it would truly be a miracle if this were true.

Miracle #5
Cancer specialist and Neways consultant Dr. Samuel Epstein has stated that:

"...there is well-documented scientific information on the grave hazards of HGH and IGF-1 formulations, including nutritional supplements, with particular reference to and generally undisclosed grave risks of breast, prostate, and colon cancers."

Whether you agree with Dr. Epstein or not, it's a miracle that he continues to promote and endorse a company whose flagship product is designed to increase HGH and IGF levels.

We have requested information from Neways on many occasions, but have never received any response. Fortunately, we had an opportunity to listen to a Neways conference call with Tom Mower. Let's take a look at what Tom had to say.

The Neways Conference Call