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Anti Aging Vitamins

We probably all know by now that diet plays a pivotal role in health and healthy aging, so it should come as no surprise that science is discovering anti aging vitamins - vitamins that can lessen or slow down the detrimental effects of aging. We usually think of vitamin supplements as something to be taken like a pill, but many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are beneficial when applied topically to the skin as well.

Anti aging treatment today often includes vitamin and mineral supplements, and skin care products that contain vitamins and minerals, because of the evidence that these things help slow aging. Many of the so-called anti aging vitamins are antioxidants. Antioxidants remove free radicals, byproducts of metabolism that damage cells and contribute to aging and disease. Free radicals are always being produced in our bodies, so a continuous supply of antioxidants is needed to prevent cell damage. Some foods are being identified as potent antioxidants: blueberries and chocolate are two examples. Vitamins and minerals included in the antioxidant group include vitamins A, B-6, B-12, C, E, and selenium.

People have known about essential nutrients for centuries: even the famous captain Cook knew there was something in fresh fruit and vegetables (Vitamin C) that sailors had to have. Given the clear scientific proof, there's no reason to distrust the idea of anti aging vitamins - a body that is getting all its essential nutrients is obviously going to last longer than one that is deprived of them. An anti aging treatment that includes vitamins just makes sense.

The idea of adding vitamins to topical preparations is, perhaps, more controversial and less well supported by science. There is some evidence that topical anti aging vitamins do have some beneficial effect, though it is probably very slight in most cases. These products generally contain a very low concentration of the vitamin, and probably aren't any more beneficial as an anti aging treatment than simply protecting your skin from the sun. Application of lotions containing anti aging vitamins does frequently have an obviously beneficial effect when there are skin problems such as eczema, dry skin, or even sunburn.

It's important to note that Vitamin A actually makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight, so this vitamin should only be used in combination with sunscreen in an anti aging treatment. Vitamins C and E, on the other hand, have some ability to block harmful sunlight and can be considered topical anti aging vitamins on this basis alone (but don't use them instead of sunscreen: their sunblocking properties are no substitute for a good sunscreen or sunblock.)

Featured Anti Aging Vitamins

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