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5 Ingredients Killing Your Skin

The media is always publicizing numerous types of anti-aging cream as miraculous products capable of solving all of our wrinkly problems. Scientific research does show that some of these creams actually do work, but what they fail to inform the public are the many harms and destructive ingredients that some of these beauty creams contain.

The effectiveness of an anti-aging cream lies within its ingredients and not all creams contain components that can help you achieve that youthful looking skin. Some anti-wrinkle creams can even do more harm than good. We have come up with a simple list of the five most commonly found ingredients in anti-aging creams that tend to be more damaging than helpful.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is commonly found in anti-aging creams with the purpose of skin moisturizing. Although smooth skin is definitely a plus, mineral oil is basically paraffin wax that when used often, ends up penetrating the pores, preventing them from breathing appropriately. This results in clogged pores which makes your skin unable to flush away the toxins, causing acne and skin irritation.


Everyone is keen to a pleasant smell. That is why fragrance is one of the main selling points of anti-aging creams. Consumers prefer a nice aroma over a plain, chemical fragrance. What consumers forget is that the smell does not contribute to the effectiveness of the cream and is an unnecessary addition of chemicals in the product. As a matter of fact, the fragrances added are produced from ingredients that are actually both toxic and carcinogenic.


Alcohol is an ingredient that is always present in many skin care products. There are numerous different types of alcohol with very diverse properties. Although some types are harmless, some can have a drying effect which is irritating for the skin. It is highly advisable to stay clear of methanol, ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. These are the worst kinds and the most damaging to the skin.


Paraben are what we all know as preservatives to keep the product fresh and with a long lasting effect while on the shelves waiting to be purchased. Although their characteristics seem positive, it can be a very strong weapon to some people. Parabens can cause allergic reactions especially to those who have highly sensitive skin. In worst cases, parabens can affect the endocrine system, which disrupts hormone production. This ingredient can also cause breast cancer and cause fetal defects.


Dioxane is the chemical that helps turn severely strong chemicals into mild, odorless components. Prolonged usage of this product can cause various types of skin disorder as well as cancer.

It is extremely important to read the back of your anti-aging cream bottle. Some of its ingredients can be very dangerous to the human body and should seriously be avoided. However, there are some chemicals that are tremendously effective and that can be used freely. When purchasing your cream, keep an eye out for peptides, retinol, antioxidants, sirtuins and advanced glycatin end-products. By following this simple advice and staying away from the above mentioned chemicals, you can be sure to live a healthy and wrinkle free life.

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